Outstanding R & D and strength Deli company pays attention to the integration of product appearance and structure; the design master team carries out close horizontal technical research and design cooperation; the strong design, R & D and aesthetic application ability is one of the core competitiveness of deli, which is also the guarantee of deli's successful operation in the international and domestic markets with numerous brands and fierce competition. Strength shows brand charm Deli Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. mainly includes: intelligent door locks, locks, engineering hardware, furniture hardware, bathroom hardware and other household hardware products. Deli takes "scientific and technological innovation and opening up the future" as the spirit of product design concept and sales service, and strives for the innovation and breakthrough of product design elements. In the world of Deli hardware, people can always easily find products suitable for themselves. Deli has always focused on the middle and high-end consumer layer, focusing on high-quality products, integrated design scheme and high cost performance, and is committed to meeting the requirements of consumers for high-quality life. Every product, we focus on it; every consumer, we listen attentively. In pursuit of excellence and continuous innovation, we believe that we will do better.

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